May 27, 2014

Hadanomy collagen mist ♡

Hi everybody it has been ages since I update something right? Today I would like to share something about JCosmetics. Okay let me tell you first how and where I get this product from. As most of you know Hadanomy collagen mist is a product from japan. It's rarely to get this product here but hey I don't say you can't get this product here (Malaysia) . You can try find it at SaSa (even though I don't know how much it will cost) . I bought mine online from someone who used to live in Japan.
Okay back to the main point, I really excited to use it and you can say I used it right away after I open my parcel(I take my bath first) . Well I just got it 2 days ago so I can't say much about it but from what I can say after using it couples of time you can see the difference. Your face will be plumpy and smooth . Besides it also tighten the pores. You only need to spray it over your face and pat it lightly. It might be sticky at first but if you put some powder on it, it will be just nice. You can use it before you go to sleep or before you put on your make up! Try this.
This product has been received lots of positive comments from it user. I will tell mine later .

kalau suka komen lah :D